​​​​​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Are you a moving company?

Going Going Gone  is not a moving company, although we often work closely with them.

We assist you with your move either before the movers arrive or after they leave.

Before the movers arrive, we can pack you up in a way that will make unpacking as efficient as possible. We believe that spending a little extra time on the packing process will not only ensure that your belongings arrive safely, but that unpacking will be quick and easy.

After the movers have unloaded your furniture and placed boxes in the appropriate rooms, our trained professionals will unpack the boxes and put away the contents. We organize your kitchen and put away dishes, glasses, pots and pans, food, etc. We can arrange your closets, make the beds, put books on shelves and set-up all the rooms.

Q. My movers say they will unpack. How is your service different?
A. The primary services that a moving company provides are loading, transporting

and unloading your household items. There are some moving companies who will

also offer to unpack you. Generally this means they will remove items from the box

and set them on a level service (floor, table, counter, etc). You are then left to place

them into cabinets, closets and onto shelves. You will have to check with your

mover to confirm the exact service they offer.

We specialize in unpacking your items and organizing them in a logical fashion. Our goal is to make sure you to enjoy your new home as quickly as possible, without the chaos and clutter that normally accompanies moving.

We organize your kitchen and line shelves, put away dishes, glasses, pots and pans, etc. We can arrange your closets, put books on shelves and set-up your children's rooms.

Q. How long will it take to PACK my house?
Packing requires more time than unpacking. Once again, it will depend on the size of your home. However packing time is also influenced by the number of fragile items you have and the amount of belongings you have overall (i.e. Are your rooms minimalist and uncluttered or do you consider yourself a pack-rat?).

Q. How long will it take to UNPACK my house?
We can generally set-up your home in one day depending on the size and scope of your move. We will send in a team of 2 to 6 people for full or half days depending on the amount of work you need us to do.

Some clients want us to unpack their entire home. Others only want us to focus on a few specific rooms. Whatever, your particular needs, we are happy to customize our service to meet it.

Q, How will your team know where to put my things?

A. Our experienced teams have been trained in the most efficient ways to organize your entire home including the kitchen, bedrooms, closets, bathrooms and living areas. We will place items where you want them or we will organize them in a logical fashion and give you a "tour" when we have finished. It is your choice.

Q. Do I need to be present when you are unpacking?

A. Some clients are very involved in the unpacking process, giving specific

instructions throughout the day. Others choose to be less involved or even

leave for the day. Our team leader will check with you at the start of the day

to understand your preference.

Q. Can you provide packing materials?

A. Yes. We provide boxes and all of the other packing materials as needed.

We also offer you a choice of using either new or recycled boxes. The recycled

boxes are significantly less expensive and work well for local or short distance

moves. If your belongings will be going in to storage or you will be moving a long

distance, new boxes are generally preferable.

Q:  How much is this going to cost?

A. We offer competitive rates and customize the project based on your needs and budget!

We offer a “Team” approach.  The first member of the team is you, as decision maker.  Our job to make those decisions as easy as possible. Our experience shows us that the best way to give you customized organizing solutions is by working with a small organizing team.  We save you money because you don’t move anything you don’t actually want or need, coordinating services for preparation for sale, as well as arranging for packers and movers to get you quickly into your new home.*


Q:  What is NOT included in your organizing rates?
A:  Cleaning of the space we will organize.

If you need to discard/recycle special items such as paint, hazardous materials,

we charge for the extra trip or to be present at pick-up.

If you need services, such as repairs, painting, installation of furniture, shelves, etc, we will provide referrals. However, contracts and payments are made between you and that service provider. We don’t mark up.

If the installation of closet or storage systems, cabinetry or any equipment is required, we can be present at installation time and that time is charged at your hourly rate. In my experience, this is necessary as more often than not questions and problems arise and my presence allows for the immediate solution of the problem.

Q:  How Can I Estimate the Hours Needed For My Organizing Project?

A: The number of hours we will work together is based on your needs, how cluttered the space is, as well as your emotional readiness and ability to make decisions.  Some clients can quickly decide to let go of an item while others need a little more time to be ready to take that step.

It is our job to respect your pace, your wishes and offer you a structured system to guide our work and help you get things done.

Q. What other services do you offer?

A. In addition to our core services of packing and unpacking, we can line your shelves with shelf liner, greet the phone, cable, and utility companies if you are not present. We can also arrange to have all of your recyclable materials taken away.


Q   What can you do to to help me with my move?
Just about anything that will make your move easier! We can suggest places you
might like to live, help you decide what to take with you, stage your current home to sell,
pack, unpack, organize your new home, and dispose of the items you decide to leave behind.

Q   How do we start?
First, we'll develop a plan for your move. We'll figure out a timetable that makes sense and
then schedule the work to be done. One of the first things you can do is to start thinking
about what you'd like to take with you.

Q   How do I do that?
We'll work with you on this. The space available in your new residence will be a determining factor, as well as your personal preferences and comfort. We'll measure your furniture and then prepare a customized floor plan of your new residence. This will tell us a lot about what will fit comfortably!

Q   I'm concerned that my new place won't feel like home to me. I like the way things are here.
We'll do our best to make your new space feel like home! We can arrange pictures on the wall just as you have them now, and place other items so that it feels familiar to you.

Q   What if I need to sell my current home before I move?
We can help stage your home to sell and provide helpful ideas to keep you comfortable in your home while it is for sale.

Q   Who pays the moving company?
You will pay the moving company directly.   We have relationships with reputable movers that we have the utmost trust in.

Q   My daughter will come to town the week of the move, and wants to help? How does this work, if I hire you?
We work as a team with you and any family members you'd like. The more your family can do, the less you will need to pay! We'll take our lead from you, and do what's necessary to make sure everything gets done in a timely manner.

Q  My mother lives in another state, and I'm thinking of bringing her here to to be closer to me. I can't take off much time from work. Can you help?
Yes! In a situation like this, we will find a senior move specialist in her area who can take care of the pre-move activities. Once the moving truck arrives here, our team will take over. We will work closely with the other move manager to determine which items will fit in the new residence.

Q   What about her car?
We can make arrangements for the car to be moved, sold, or donated.

Q   How can I be sure that I get tax credit for items I donate to charity?
We will provide you with an inventory sheet for keeping track of donations you make, and with a receipt for any items we donate for you.

Q   Should I consider renting a storage unit for the things I can't take with me?
We don't recommend this, unless it is just for a short period of time until the items can be taken by relatives or friends. If you store items just because you can't bear to part with them, you will be wasting your money. If you can't use it now, it's best to pass it along to someone who can. In the rare instances that it makes sense to rent storage, the GGG team can help you obtain a safe and convenient storage solution.

Q   How much will it cost me to find out if you can help me?
We are happy to provide you with a complimentary no-obligation consultation.

Q   How much will it cost me to use your services?
Each move is unique. At the time of the consultation, we'll take a look at what needs to be done and then we'll be better able to answer this question. There are many factors that affect the fee: the size of your house, the volume of your belongings, the amount of participation you and/or your family is able to offer.

Q   Can I talk to someone who has used your services?

A   Definitely! We will be glad to provide you with references.

Our first rule is that you make the rules. We’ll step in as much or as little as you’d like. Our intentions are to support you, minimize chaos and keep the move running smoothly.


Q:  How Does Professional Organizing Work?
A:  We will schedule a one-hour assessment with a walk-through of your home where we’ll be able to understand your space, assess the clutter and ask you questions to familiarize ourselves with your lifestyle, personal preferences, likes, and dislikes, etc. The assessment is a paid consultation.

When we conclude the assessment, we'll provide a best estimate of hours needed for your project. If we believe we’re a good match and if you are satisfied with our ideas, we’ll sign a Client Agreement, you’ll issue a payment of the hours needed for your project (please inquire about package rates), define the space we’ll start organizing and schedule our organizing sessions.

We often use two different strategies to tackle an organizing project:

"Organizing 1 on 1"  A Lead Organizer will be dispatched to your home, storage unit, or office to work with you on meeting your de-cluttering and organizing goals.

Dynamic Transformations: "The Team Approach"  We find that a lot of work can be accomplished in a more cost effective way with the help of one or more organizers on the job. Social Organizing (the team approach) is dynamic, exciting, fun, and goal-oriented. The Team provides strategic support in all areas of space.

Q: What makes you different from other organizers in our area?
A: We are a member of our National Association of Professional Organizers, called NAPO. We have a code of ethics that we stand by. We take classes and seminars that improve our skills and strategies.

Support is given to us by almost 5,000 other members in this organization. If you want a professional organizer who stays on top of cutting edge technologies and organizing techniques, we are the right fit for you. We treat this as our occupation and not a hobby. Each organizer brings a different skill set.

Donations are taken to the nearest appropriate charity or those of your choosing.  Trash or recycling is taken to the appropriate landfill or recycling center.  Actual rates may vary depending on the type of service provided, your geographic location and scope of the work we are providing. We do everything we can to ensure our prices are competitive. Depending on the project, there are times that Sometimes we need to change the cost of our professional organizing services, coaching or life management services.

Q:  Are you insured?

A: Yes, we carry Liability insurance for Professional Organizers, by the nature of our business activity. Our Comprehensive General Liability includes Products/Completed Operations and Personal Liability.  Our policy is specific to include an endorsement concerning Damage to Customer’s Property. This gives our customers complete peace of mind that, in the unlikely and rare case that property is damaged, it is 100% covered by our special policy..


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