​​​​​​Senior Relocation

Whether you or a loved one are moving to a

retirement community or having to sell a loved

one’s home following their death, we can manage

the entire process or you can choose from one of our

customizable services below.

We specialize in helping seniors (and their loved ones)

throughout the move process, including the many important steps

before and after. Many of our clients need assistance with

sorting and de-cluttering. My experienced team carefully packs precious

items, because we understand the emotional importance of them to our clients.

Moving can be very stressful, especially for seniors.  It’s not just about the physical move — choosing what furniture and mementos to keep - but the process also has a tremendous  emotional impact on health and family dynamics. Our goal is to alleviate that pressure.

We work to recreate the beauty, order and comfort our clients enjoyed in their former homes.  Our goal is to ensure that our clients are content and comfortable in their new space - from the art on the walls to the personal touches that surround them, we make certain they are surrounded by memories that inspire and uplift them.

Q:  WHAT can we expect?

A:  We provide an initial on-site consultation.  We meet with you in person and do a walk-through of your current home and, If possible, your new home. We do this so that we can get a sense of your belongings and style. We discuss your goals and time frame, answer any questions you may have and develop an action plan for your move.

Q:  WHAT is a Senior Move Manager?

A:  A Senior Move Manager is a professional who specializes in assisting older adults and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of relocation.

Although many have backgrounds in social work health care, nursing, gerontology and psychology, all share a commitment to working with seniors and a desire to do meaningful work.

Senior Move Managers have extensive knowledge about the costs, quality and availability of community resources.

Because they focus exclusively on the move process, Senior Move Managers have significant expertise in the resources and approaches that save money, reduce stress and produce quality results.

Q;  WHY are Senior Move Management Services needed?

Because most older adults making a transition have not moved in 30, 40 or 50 years, they need to considerably downsize. Many typically find themselves overwhelmed by the process and are not physically able to do it.

Even though family and friends want to help, they often have geographic, demographic or psychographic barriers such as:

     * Live too far away
     * Sandwiched between the needs of aging parents & children
     * Juggling conflicting demands of careers, home and family
     * Physically unable to help because they’re older themselves
     * Emotionally drained due to illness or death

As a result, the Senior Move Management Service Sector has emerged

to fill these gaps, and to make the moving and adjustment process easier

for everyone involved.

Q:  WHO uses Senior Move Managers?

A:  Senior Move Managers are contracted by various sources:
     * The Older Adults Themselves
     * Family Members
     * Banks & Trust Officers
     * Geriatric Care Managers
     * Attorneys
     * Social Service Providers
     * Senior Living Communities
     * Physicians


​​​​                 Going Going Gone...   

      The Art of Organizing & Managing Moves 


Unpack & Set-Up

Unpack boxes

Line shelves

  Organize kitchen & bath

  Set-up closets, office, bookshelves

  Add accessories, finishing touches
  Hang pictures

Connect TV, phone, internet

Remove all boxes and

packing materials

  Arrange and/or supervise cleaning of former 
residence leaving it in 
broom-swept condition


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Our services are billed by the hour and we offer competitive rates!

We offer a “Team” approach.  The first member of the team is YOU, as decision maker.  Our job to make those decisions as easy as possible. Our experience shows us that the best way to give you customized organizing solutions is by working with a small organizing team.  We save you money because you don’t move anything you don’t actually want or need, coordinating services for home prep for sale, as well as arranging for packers & movers to get you to your new home.*

*See exceptions in FAQ's

Copyright Sheri Lynn Wilhelm. All rights reserved.

The Move

Arrange for mover quotes

Supervise the moving crew on both ends, to ensure your belongings arrive safely

Direct proper placement of furnishings based on floor plan

Arrange pet services as needed
(Boarding, walking, feeding)

Arrange utility turn-off and turn-on

Arrange & supervise clearing of 
old residence

Prepare for staging

Setting up first night essentials which includes making beds, bathroom necessities and morning coffee set-up



Develop a master move

calendar and plan

Visit your new residence and  create a floor plan to help decide what to move

Organize, sort & downsize

Inventory, carefully pack and

label what you will be taking

Research moving companies &

manage the selection process

Handle donations, consignment, shipping & disposal of items

Arrange utility and address changes to ensure uninterrupted service

Refer, manage, coordinate other

service providers as needed