Unpack & Set Up

Unpack boxes

Line shelves

  Arrange kitchen & bath

  Set up closets, office, bookshelves

  Add accessories, finishing touches
  Hang pictures

Connect TV, phone, internet

Remove all boxes and packing material

  Arranging and supervising post-move cleaning of former residence leaving it in 
broom-swept condition


The Move

Supervise the moving crew on both ends, to ensure your belongings arrive safely

Direct proper placement of 

furnishings based on floor plan

Arrange pet services as required 

(Boarding, walking, feeding)

Arrange for mover quotes

Arrange utility turn-off and turn-on

Arrange & supervise clearing of 
old residence

Prepare for staging

Setting up first night essentials which includes making beds, bathroom necessities and morning coffee set-up



Create a master move calendar

Visit your new residence and  create a floor plan to help decide what to move

Organize, sort & downsize

Inventory, pack and label what you will be taking

Research moving companies & project manage the selection process

Handle donations, consignment, shipping & disposal of items

Arrange utility and address changes to ensure uninterrupted service

Refer, manage, coordinate other service providers

        TYPICALLY 3-14 DAYS

Copyright Sheri Lynn Wilhelm. All rights reserved.

​​​​                 Going Going Gone...   

      The Art of Organizing & Managing Moves 


Copyright Sheri Lynn Wilhelm. All rights reserved.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Getting Ready For A Move?

Whether you are moving yourself or a loved one from one home to another, whether you

are downsizing or re-sizing, moving to a retirement community or having to sell a loved

one’s home following their death.   

Moving is a very stressful time.  You have all this STUFF that accumulated and you don’t

know what to do with it all. Having a Professional Organizer help you through this process

makes it so much easier. ​

Like many things, downsizing is much easier when you have a plan. We'll help you make one. First, we'll figure out what you need to do to get ready. Then, you decide where you can use our help. We'll do as much or as little as you'd like.  Our services include decluttering your home so it shows better when selling. 


Choose from one or all three of our Services!
All of these services can be scaled to meet your needs


Q:  WHY do home sellers want our services?

A:  We know our clients are busy and dread all the hard work to pack

up everything you own, only to have to unpack it days later, unsure where to put anything.  We will customize a move coordination package where you can be as hands on as you want.  We can handle everything or just help on move

day.  How much or how little you do is entirely up to you!

Q:  WHAT can we expect?

A:  We provide an on-site consultation.  We meet with you in person and do a walk-through of your current home and, If possible, your new home. We do this so that we can get a sense of your belongings and style. We discuss your goals and time frame, answer any questions you may have and develop an action plan for your move.