​​​​                 Going Going Gone...   

      The Art of Organizing & Managing Moves 


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​​​​​​​​​Some our services are:​​

* Creating a customized Transition Plan to assist your clients
* Sorting, purging & packing
* Move management
* Unpacking & setting up new home
* Estate Clear-outs

*Buyer-friendly paint colors
* Painters
* Handyman
* Stagers
* Movers
* Storage spaces
* Estate Clear out
* Landscaping

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Home Sale Preparation for Realtors

Our “Move Management” services are ideal for Realtors to share with

their sellers who would benefit from decluttering and setting up the

new home to show in the best possible light.

We specialize in partnering with you to help get your clients home on

the market quickly and efficiently

Our goal is to make life transitions as easy as possible for you and

your busy clients.  Realtors often call us because they know we will

declutter the home and prepare the space to be sold in a short amount of time.

We offer your clients a “One-stop-shop” approach to help put a home on the market.

Our caring and experienced team oversees the entire project, attending to every detail.


​​When repairs are needed before a property is ready to be shown. We can offer an extensive network of established and trusted vendors who we can oversee. We can be a liaison between the Realtor and the Seller.  We know which professionals to use, when to use them, and how to use them for your benefit. We assist in the research and due-diligence needed to identify and protect your valuables during the transition.

We can also offer you referral andoversight of ​home repairs and contractors

​​​​Q:  WHY do home sellers want our services?

A:  Families are busy.  We save them valuable time. The DIY approach can leave your client coordinating time off work and use weekends to get ready for the move. They ask family and friends to help them sort, purge and pack.  We can help take the stress out of that for them by overseeing the entire move process.

Q:  WHAT is “Move Management Service”?

A:  Moving to a new a home can be exciting – and stressful. From packing all your belongings with care, to scheduling and managing the move all while keeping up with your day-to-day responsibilities, home relocation is one of life’s most stressful transitions.

Q:  WHEN should I offer your services to my sellers?

A:  During the signing of your Listing Agreement.  We can usually get started that week.

Q:  HOW much do you cost?

Our services are billed by the hour. Our basic rate starts at $49 per hour/per organizer/3 hour minimum

We offer a “Team” approach.  The first member of the team is you, as decision maker.  Our job to make those decisions as easy as possible. Our experience shows us that the best way to give you customized organizing solutions quickly is by working with a two or three organizer team.  We save you money because you don’t move anything you don’t actually want or need, coordinating services for home prep for sale, as well as arranging for packers & movers to get you to your new home.*

*See exceptions in FAQ's

We save your client money because they don’t move anything they don’t actually want or need!

You can fold our fees** into Escrow closing costs so there are no out of pocket expenses upfront!



Copyright Sheri Lynn Clement. All rights reserved.